Dimitris Klisiaris

Full stack web developer located in Athens, Greece

For any project inquiry or job, feel free
to say hello at dklisiaris@gmail.com

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Technical Skills

About Me

I am a graduate student of Computer Engineering and Informatics (CEID) of University of Patras. I have just finished my thesis supervised by Professor I. Garofalakis and Phd Candidate T. Plessas in web systems and technologies. My work involved the implementation of a book-related social network with search and suggestion engines, a data provider API service, a data-extraction library a mobile application and a front-end desktop and some theoretical research of authentication, suggestion and search algorithms, databases and probability models in order to achieve linear scalability in horizontal growth.

In general, my intention is to solve real world problems using science, especially mathematics. I believe that behind every practical solution there is an extensively mathematical model that can characterize its performance evaluation. I always tend to lie in between theoretical foundations of computer science and software engineering for the implementation of these practical solutions.

In the past I have worked in various projects including web and mobile applications, libraries and games such as the downtown city guide -a mobile app powered by xml api-, boomabu -a meteorJS real-time social bookmark manager- and many others.

Software Development Experience

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